Hi there! 👋 I’m Marc! I’m currently a PhD student at MIT, in the Quantum Photonics and AI group. I’m excited about building intelligence that is powerful and efficient, by using new compute substrates (like photonics!).

I also love photography, techno, reading, dancing, startups, jazz, learning exciting things, and sharing my excitement with others.

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mbacvanski - Overview


I am interested in building the full stack of intelligence: hardware and algorithms, together.

Hardware accelerators for intelligence that leverage new compute substrates (like photonics!) can go beyond accelerating existing neural network architectures, and catalyze fundamentally new techniques to build intelligence.

By designing AI hardware and software together, building on new compute substrates like coupled optical-electronic systems, my goal to build intelligent systems that are not only more efficient, but profoundly more powerful.


Student Researcher at Google Quantum AI!

Graduated from Northeastern University!

Published a paper on reconfiguration algorithms for large atom arrays!

Software Intern at Meta Reality Labs!

[Software intern at QuEra Computing! ](https://mbacvanski.notion.site/Software-intern-at-QuEra-Computing-dcfc980523274f1185e34a4aa0281595)

Research at University of Waterloo’s IQC!